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About Me

B. 1998

Based in Espoo, Finland.


I have a need to record and analyse emotionally experienced reality in my works. I see photography as a way to record easily shareable memories, evidences. Behind the documentation that I display of- ten as the finished piece, is a long process of building installations and making sculptures. I usually use my home as the setting for my art, which means that I might live in the installation for weeks or months. I find the creation process to be equally as important as the finished

artwork, making performance art a part of my practice. In other words, my art practice has a symbiotic relationship to my domestic life.

I use fractal forms at the base of my practice. By bringing fractals into a domestic space, I build connections between nature, built spaces and the body, merging in their boundaries. The fractals are like mycelia, mostly unseen but connecting separate organisms into a bigger network. Autotheory and making sense of my everyday life experiences is at the core of my practice. With my sculptural pieces I might show just half of the original installation; such as my bed sawn in half. By doing this, I’m reminding that what I show in my works is just my view of certain life events; not the whole truth. Similarly to the root like fractals, I attempt to reach further, deeper into what my experiences are about.

I like to think of my works as a form of imagined forensic science. I’m letting the viewer decide how, why and what has happened; what kind of feelings and motives are involved. Every art piece is autobiographical, yet in a staged and abstracted way. I use drawing to merge different elements from psychology text books and nature into one, to see if I find new ways to illustrate my inner worlds.



BA (Hons) Fine Art

Glasgow School of Art

Painting and Printmaking department. Personal focus developed into installation art during the third year of studies.


Turku Arts Academy

Main focus on printmaking.

Group Exhibitions

June 2022

December 2021
May 2021
March 2018

GSA Degree Show, Stow College, Glasgow

Stuck at the Glue Factory, Glue Factory, Glasgow

Pretty Ugly, Saltspace Gallery, Glasgow

Dimensio, Köysiratagalleria, Turku

Related work experience


University of Helsinki, Food and Material Science Department

Scientific illustrations, microscope photography, photography, web design.

Since 2019, I have made illustrations to multiple studies and publications about wood based emulsions and mushroom mycelia.

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